you need
  • file manager Total Commander.
Open the directory with the files to hash in one of the panels file manager Total Commander.To do t
his, select the drive on which the files by pressing one of the buttons disks or by using the drop-down list located above the bar.By sequentially selecting the directory, go to the desired directory.
As the hash file
Select the files which you want to calculate the hash.Use the "Up" and "Down" sums mouse over the list to the desired line.Press the Insert key or Space to highlight the file name.
As the hash file
hashed files.From the main application menu, select "File" and then select "Create a file SFV-checksum (CRC) ...".In the dialog that appears, select "MD5".You can also check the box "for each file to create a separate SFV-file".In this case, the hash value of each file will be placed in a separate file.Click "OK".Wait until the process of calculating hashes.Hash result will be placed in a file or files with the extension ".md5".
As the hash file
Get the hash values.Open the file with the extension ".md5" program to display text files or a text editor.It will contain the hash values, one per line with the following names for these files that was created by a hash.
As the hash file