Perhaps no one experienced PC user will not be difficult to find a particular folder on your computer, for example, to resolve a question.Modern computer games are established exclusively to where the user specifies, but people often ignore this and do not even look the installation path of the game.It should be noted that the basic information about the game will be stored there, which tells the user, but the settings are usually located in a different directory (separate from the game).

installation path of digital copies of games

More and more people are becoming just digital copies of games that have special license keys that open access to games on certain services (the most popular today are considered Steam, Uplay and Origin).This digital copies of games from the directory where they are stored and downloaded which
will be different from the case where the user will install the game to the disk.For example, if the user uses the service Steam, the download will be carried out directly in the folder C: / Program Files / Steam / steamapps / «User ID."It also kept a part of the already installed games, and another part may be in the folder C: / Program Files / Steam / steamapps / common.Whichever service is not used the way will always be the same, but with one difference - instead of Steam will either Uplay, or Origin, etc.

When installing from the CD path will have a different look.Usually the game is installed in the folder C: / Program Files / «name of the game."Naturally, such a path will only be the case if the user changes the default setting in the operating system and did not change the directory during software installation.

Where are saving settings and other game data

As for settings, saving and other information, in Windows XP, the path to it will be the following: C: / Documents and Settings / «username» / Application Data/ "name of the game", and in Windows 7 and Windows Vista: C: / Users / "user name» / (AppData) / (Roaming) / «name of the game."It should be noted that the path to the settings saved, and other user data can not be changed (only to move, but it can affect the performance), so this path is suitable for most users.