start and configure the client Garena, gamers are able to create a network game in the LAN without using online gaming server.This regime has a number of advantages: no need to connect to the server reduces the lag and increases the speed of the game, in addition, users who do not have their own external IP-address, it is possible to create a game.

to play garena necessary: ​​

  1. Download and install the network client garena.It is advisable to use the most recent version by downloading it from the official site

  2. up in garena (choose Sign Up).After registration you will receive your own user name and password with which to log into the system to play garena in a variety of network games.

  3. Click "Settings" and specify the path to the file with which you run the necessary game.Typically, this file is located in the game folder.I
    f the desired type of file in the game folder number (as it is usually), and the definition of the file you want is difficult, use the following method.Right-click on the icon, through which runs a game, open the Properties.On the facility will be submitted to the full path to the executable file.You can just copy to specify the settings garena

  4. Now you can select the desired game from the list on the left, then the right will see a list of rooms that you can join.

  5. Click Start Game, and you're in the game.As a rule, there must select "Multiplayer" and join one of the games in the list.

When playing through garena note that the consumption of internet traffic will be somewhat higher than when connected via the online server your game, for example, course, it is important only if you are connected at the rate with limited traffic.

If available games are not visible, try to choose the right side garena its icon, right-click and click GGtunnel.Usually, after that connect to the game it is possible without any problems.Also, check your firewall settings, perhaps it is blocking access.