Cryptographic Services

Thanks to special cryptographic service user can not worry about that at a remote interaction with certain data of its confidential information becomes known to third parties.Such service protects confidential data from the user to view and change on the part of criminals.Of course, that cryptography as such users when working with a personal computer and networks do not.

How it works is this: for example, one person sends some information to the other via the Internet.The information is automatically encrypted by a certain cryptographic algorithm, and when another user, for which these data are intended, receives them, they are automatically decrypted.The Microsoft Windows operating systems as a cryptographic service using .NET Framework, and it runs constantly, regardless of the user.

problems with services and solutions

It should be noted that when working with a personal computer may be cases where the cryptographic service fails and stops functioning or even removed from the PC.Of course, once notice is problematic enough, but if you do not change, the security and privacy of user data may be affected.

Basically the same problem faced by owners of operating systems Microsoft Windows XP.In modern versions of the errors have been corrected and corrected, and in addition, the software is regularly checked for updates and automatically set (if this feature has not been disabled by the user).

Basically this sort of error can be seen when installing a particular software (most often during the installation of the browser).To check the availability of such a service on their own PC, you must go to "Control Panel", find the item "Administration" and select "Service".In the window that opens, you must go to the tab "Cryptographic Services" and then select "General".

In the "executable file" should be given a specific value, but if it's empty, then you must manually download and install the Cryptographic Service.To solve the immediate problem, download and install the latest version of .NET Framework that will restore service on a personal computer.