At the beginning of the game you will find yourself at home - head to the bathroom.Then go to the kitchen and take an ice cube in the fridge and on the table - a spatula.The bedroom with a spatula, open the chest and take the clothes.
Dress up and go out into the street.Use the Service to the master phone to make phone calls.
Go to a neighbor, and then go to Patrick.Give him an ice cube to get the TV remote.Turn off the TV remote control in his house, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth.
to the next location you will play for plankton.Pick up the wrench and throw it into unreal SpongeBob.Change mop menu and go to the lab.Put on your jetpack and go to the left corner of the screen.Neptune will reach the castle, getting rid of jellyfish.Go to the stables seahorses
, talk with the groom, and then talk to the clown in the library and pick up the thread.Combine with a horseshoe thread and hook on a nail above the button on the door.Come to the throne room, take the crown.
Now again you play as SpongeBob.Come to the restaurant Krusty Krabs, then go to the bar to get the fried ice cream.Return to the Krusty Krabs and connect with ice tongs, dip them in boiling oil, give Morty fried ice cream to get a pass.Open the door and go down a pass on the elevator.Gamburgeromobil Get in, take out trash Goofy Goober note that you need to pay the twins, and then go to the bathroom and click on a bar of soap, which is to fill the bartender.
to the next location you play for Mindy, which is to release the character of the castle.Take the dirty mirror in the closet and pick up on the dresser jar with glue.Open and spread glue windowsill.
Go to the library, take a book and go to the dungeon.Talk to the jailer and give him the book.Polisher give the dirty mirror, and then return the cleaned Pajou mirror and go outside.
The following locations Abyss go to the hotel.Take a researcher flashlight and highlight them a hole in the floor of the room.Return to Miss Helen pearl beads.Go into the cave and return to the place of the sphere.In the next scene play for SpongeBob and go to the hospital.At the hospital, take the stethoscope, then take the revolutionary vest, give Octavio a stethoscope.
In the city of seashells you need to give the crown in Bikini Bottom - play for Patrick.Use the bow on SpongeBob.Then, play for SpongeBob - take the crown and run away from the store.Stick combine with shells, Blow the whistle.
The Krusty Krabs talk with plankton, talk to a musician, and go right.Collect all krabsburgery, take the ceiling mechanism and return to the Krusty Krabs.Take the tools and combine the musician found the mechanism, a speaker and an amplifier.Play the guitar.The game passed.