main reasons for not installed Kaspersky

There are five major reasons due to which Kaspersky is not installed on the computer: the lack of space on your hard drive presence in the computer of another antivirus incompatible with the system, incompatibility with other applications,without a license.

detailed discussion of each cause

regularly using a computer, it is hard to monitor the occupancy of disks, especially if on a device installed torrent, and you use it consistently.Filling drive leads to the slow work of the PC and can not install new software.To solve this problem, clean the disc.The purification can be performed in several ways: by formatting the drive through the uninstaller through the "My Computer".It is necessary to r
esort to the first method, if you want to clear a local disk completely.Uninstaller will allow selecting a group of programs and their gradual removal.Erasure through the "My Computer" - a universal method that is best used to remove specific files rather than entire programs. to remove through the "My Computer", use the following algorithm: "My Computer┬╗ = & gt;the drive on which you wish to install an antivirus = & gt;the allocation of a number of files = & gt;key combination shift + delete.

In no case can not be installed on a computer, two or more anti-virus!This procedure can lead to failure of the system.The latest versions when you install Kaspersky automatically detect the presence of other anti-virus software system.In order to solve this problem, remove the old antivirus software, which is in the system, restart the computer and re-run the installation of Kaspersky.

Each program has the minimum system requirements, failing which, it will not work, and even installed on the computer.To eliminate this problem will be able to help you reinstall the operating system, or use an older version of the antivirus. It should be noted that the anti-virus later working capacity above.

Just from Kaspersky could be problems in reconciling with some programs installed on your PC.Remove programs and then try to install the antivirus again.

large number of anti-virus programs during its installation, require the introduction of a license key.In its absence, how they can provide a trial version, a period which is usually equal to one month, or simply complete the installation by resetting it.In this case, Get a license key or use the services of the anti-virus, does not require licensing.