Check system requirements.If running the product image on the screen moves in jerks, the main reason for that - fails the minimum system requirements.Very often people are faced with this problem by launching the latest generation of games (for example, Battlefield 3).The solution is to update the "iron" part of your PC: a change of model video card, buying a new CPU or installing additional RAM.In addition, you can try to change the OS on a less intensive (games on Windows 7 give about 70% of the FPS on Windows XP).Nepomeshaet also "clean up" the system from viruses and unnecessary information.
Look for fresh patches.If the fata
l crash of the product (makes it impossible to play more) it is likely that it is only a temporary problem which publishers are already working.In addition, the crash can be caused by poor compatibility with a part of your hardware (for example, Silent Hill: Homecoming not tolerate ATI).These bugs are rapidly registered developers and fans of the games, so one or the other quickly find a solution and spread the appropriate "patch" on the official website.
Try installing a different version of the game.It often happens that THE PROGRAM installer is damaged or incorrect, causing an error the next time you use the product.The reason may be incorrectly applied crack, bad working modification or addition amateur - in this case, the user should purchase a licensed copy of the original game, asit contains only proven and stable components.
Install any additional programs offered during the installation.In 90% of cases, this software is essential for stable work: it can be for new drivers, additional services (such as Microsoft Framework) and customer support (Steam, GameSPY).In particular, the installation of a newer version of the driver Nvidia, accompanying the game steadily corrects image hovering.