To select an area, get a wooden ax that can make or receive with the command // wand.
Select 1st point cuboid left mouse button, then select the 2nd point cuboid right mouse button.To cover the area from the bedrock up to the sky, use the command // expand vert.
To create a region with the name, say, example-region, and owners with nicknames player1 and player2, type / region define example-region player1 player2.This region (privat) will be able to edit and players player1 player2.
to protect their region from the spawn mobs, enter the command / region flag example-re
gion mob-spawning deny, from the devastation creeper - / region flag example-region creeper-explosion deny, from murder PvP - /region flag example-region pvp deny.
You can further customize the messages for greeting and farewell, a ban on entry into the area, if you are not the owner, but also to put a partial ban (for some areas) to the input.
For the welcome message, type / region flag example-region greeting («Welcome to the city of Example-region»), for the message of farewell - / region flag example-region farewell («coming back to the cityExample-region »).
You can prohibit the entrance to the region for all players except the owners and participants by typing / region flag example-region entry deny.
So you've been banned in your house all the players, and now want to allow entrance to their friends.This will help the team / region addmember example-region imya_igroka.However, remember that member'y can break your home, so do not add untrusted friends.
To protect your house from burning, you need to set a flag fire-spread with the following command: / region example-region fire-spread deny.
you can do in the region, subregion.For example, you have a home, to visit that you allowed your friends and in general to everyone, but is there a room in which you would not want anyone to start up.Create a region, set it to the flag of the ban on entry, and then specify that the region is located inside the other.This will help the team / region parent secret-room example-region.In this example, the subregion secret-room is located in the region of example-region.