you need
  • - computer;
  • - video camera;
  • - program for video capture;
  • - Microphone:
  • - program for video editing;
  • - access to the Internet.
To Videos - a relatively new opportunity to share useful information with the whole world, which has become popular due to the spread of broadband Internet access, which allows you to watch videos online.As a result, many people began to take the training videos about literally everything.On YouTube you can find instructions on proper folding bags and socks, can opener, cutting vegetables, repair of vehicles, creation of sites, the passage of computer games in general, for anything.However, you can always find a niche, in which the author of useful and interesting instruction w
ill become popular.
If you are intending to get instructions on something, what is happening in the real world, you need a video camera.You can use the built-in camera laptop, external webcam or remove the desired scene with the camera or the phone.The choice depends on your ability and what exactly and in what conditions you plan to shoot.Think through the actions that fall into the frame.It is assumed that you will demonstrate that good at yourself, so if you are not sure of the result of a hundred percent, is better trained and not to shoot immediately.
For instructions on the use of computer programs or games do not need a video camera: it will be enough to establish a program to capture images on the monitor.On the Internet there are many free programs of this type.They have different functionality, but provide an opportunity to record what is happening on the screen in the video.
In any case, whether you are shooting their action on a camera or video capture was carried out to monitor the resulting video file - this is just the starting material.You need to mount the video from a computer program for installation: remove the extra frames, insert annotations and explanations, add the name of the video and add audio.
text sound better to write separately, after you mount the video.This way you can avoid pauses, speech errors, words-parasites.Preview the video and write an alleged text on paper.Then you can start recording a track.Do not hesitate to make an extra double in the case of reservation because of the quality of the speech support depends very much.