Tip 1: How to turn off error console in Opera

An operation off the annoying error messages console Opera browser often causes some difficulties for users.The problem can be solved in several ways, the choice of the most suitable due to specific causes appearance problems.
Click "Start" to enter the main menu system, and navigate to the item "Programs" for the operation off the console error browser Opera.
Select Opera, and run the program.
Open "Tools" menu top bar of
the application window and point to "Settings".
before, click "Advanced" and select the node "Content".
Open link "Settings JavaScript» and uncheck on the "Open console on error."
Enter the opera: config # UserPrefs | ConsoleErrorLogEnabled in your browser and uncheck on the Console Error Log.
Save and enter a value of opera: config # UserPrefs | ErrorConsoleFilter in the address bar Opera.
Clean contents Error Console Filter option and save the changes.
Return to the "Tools" menu top bar of the browser window and navigate to the item "Accounts" to perform a shutdown automatically check the mailbox on the flow of new messages when a fatal error.
Enter your e-mail account, causing the appearance of error messages, and then click "Change".
Uncheck the field "Check for messages every ... minutes" and then click OK to apply the selected changes.
Perform simultaneous pressing of function keys Shift + F12, and click the "Buttons" for the operation of creating a button "Check Mail" after disable automatic checking for the selected toolbar.
Specify the section "Mail" and drag the button "Check" to the desired position on the desired toolbar.
Call the context menu of the site, causing the error message, click the right mouse button and point to "Settings for the site."
Uncheck the field "Open console on error" and save the changes.

Tip 2: How to disable error console

Some users when working with the software encountered such a problem, as the constantly appearing console error .Well, when it appears in the crash, but her appearance just like that, for no reason, sometimes introduces a stupor.One way or another, but each random, as many think, the appearance of the error console has a logical explanation.
How to turn off error console
you need
  • computers, the Internet browser Opera.
As an example was taken browser Opera.The work of this program more than once been seen occasional appearances console windows errors.In fact, it is enough to read the reasons that caused the appearance of the window, and find a solution to the situation.
One of the most common errors - wrong e-mail setting in the browser.Surely you know that part of the browser includes a program that allows you to not only receive but also send e-mails.Not always the user of this program sets it correctly, so it appears the error.Out of this situation - tweaking a program or use a special utility that is designed only to work with e-mail.
Because of continuing problems on the line, can occur frequently disconnect from the web pages.Of course, this is due to the problems that should be resolved by your ISP, but here error console trying to make a contribution.The only solution here may be waiting for a better signal.Sometimes in this situation helps to reboot the modem: Turn off the modem, wait 5 seconds and turn it on again.
If your line is activated the option "proxy server", use it, it can also solve this problem.To activate this mode in the settings of the Internet browser Opera must press F12, from the context menu, select "Enable Proxy".
If these methods did not help you to remove the error console, you can programmatically disable that option.Click the top menu "Tools" in the list that appears, select "General Settings".In the new window, go to the tab "Advanced" and select the "Content", click "Configure JavaScript».In the settings window JavaScript deselect "Open console on error."
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