you decide to go to your favorite website, clicked on the link stored in the browser, and that's before you already familiar page.It's simple, convenient and affordable.But how it was a transition to the site you are interested in?

To be able at any time to identify any online computer and do not get confused, at the dawn of the Internet has introduced so-called ip-addressing.Every computer connecting to the network assigned ip-address: It is important that in the same time in the network can not be two computers with the same ip.

For ip-address of the computer - all the same that the mailing address for the home.It is due to the uniqueness of each ip-address it is possible to accurately transfer information from one computer to another, and the data packets reach exactly as intend
ed, without getting lost along the way and not getting on other computers.

Distribution of ip-addresses involved in ICANN, or The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.This organization allocates address ranges providers who already distribute them among users.

must know that ip-addresses are divided into static and dynamic.Static assigned for a long time with a static IP address, you can turn off the computer, and then reconnect to the network - you will have all the same ip.Dynamic addresses are assigned only during network operation.Disconnect from the Internet and reconnect, you can already have a different address.This type of addressing, in particular, using cellular operators.

typical network address consists of four groups of numbers separated by periods - for example, can always define your own address by going to one of the many services the definition of ip.

Why in your browser introduced not ip-address and a domain name?This is done solely for the convenience of users, the domain name is much easier to read and remember.When you click the link, the request first goes to DNS-server, which stores information about domain names and corresponding ip-addresses.The server sends the browser information about ip-address, and the browser goes to the site you are interested in.You can get to the site by typing in the address bar directly by the ip-address.