you need
  • computer or laptop, Internet access, a printer.
Usually, cribs used by some disciples, not because they do not know the material object and the purpose of hedging.Probably every student knows that crib, handwritten much better than printed on the printer.Ask why?Because the man when he writes, mentally pronounces the recorded material on the cheat sheet.Thus, written crib reserves of the knowledge in your head that you can not say about its analogue in the electronic version.
The easiest way to prepare for the subject completely and thoroughly - to gather all the material for the training of this discipline.This could make all the notes, not every object is presented directly to the teacher textbook, all scanned lab work, most likely, they will
be useful.After gathering information on the subject is necessary to format it.
Formatting information is as follows: delete all the pictures that you can get (except charts and graphs), the text is aligned to one edge, preferably the left.Do not forget to determine for themselves the size cribs , the best option which has been calculated for a long time: a width of 5-6 cm, length is not limited, a crib can be long, but should be folded in an accordion.
In any text editor, create a new text document.In the new document, create a table with the width of the columns in the 5 or 6 centimeters.The table cells make several texts and print received cribs on draft sheets.If you are satisfied with this crib, print the remaining material, or change the column width and experiment to obtain a final result.
After printing all the cribs, and cut them with a marker pen or a thick stem, highlight the name, and those tickets or subtitles.This action will save you a considerable amount of time on the exam.