If you do not have access to a printer, write down Marketing text file on any removable media - flash drive, CD, or even a mobile phone.Then find a computer connected to the printer - it is difficult to find an office that does not have a printing apparatus, and people who have a personal computer, but do not have a printer is getting smaller.Surely there is a printer on your job, your friends, or in their office.There are also specialized services involved in printing and photocopying documents.As a last resort, ask the print file to the computer store, or at an internet cafe - if the
volume of the document is not too large, it is unlikely that you will be denied.
If the printer is there, you must first check whether it is connected to a computer, its power turned on, whether there is in it enough paper and toner.Previously, this printer is never connected to your computer, you need to install the drivers in the system.Most often this happens automatically - the operating system is able to identify the majority of their own computer connected to the printer and automatically select the driver from its database.
Download text in Marketing text editor.If you've just typed it, you need to skip this step, and if received in the form of a file to download it to the program editor by double-clicking it.
Click ovogo text editor command to send a document to print.The exact placement of this command can be different in different programs.For example, in Microsoft Word 2007 have to click the big round button in the upper left corner of the window, open the popup menu in the "Print" line and click "Quick Print".You can instead use the menu item assigned to this team "hot keys» CTRL + P - pressing this combination are equally valid in the majority of programs, which provide work to the printer.So you send your print text , and the program will display a window with information on how the procedure will take place.