1 Make sure an Internet connection is active and fully operational, ie, open Web pages, send and receive mail, ICQ running, and so on.
Connect Ethernet-cable to any of the ports of LAN, located at the rear of the router, then the other end of the cable to the LAN port on the network adapter in your computer and the network cable ISP connect to the WAN port on the router.
Configure NIC.To do this, click on the "Start" button, then select "Control Panel", then go to "Network Connections" and open the properties of the LAN connection by clicking on the icon, right-click and selecting "Properties".Next, select the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)» and click on "Properties" under the list of components used by the connection.In the window that opens, select "Get DNS-server will automatically" a
nd "Obtain IP-address automatically" and then confirm the changes by clicking "OK".
To configure TRENDnet router via a web interface to your ISP, start your browser and type in the address bar of the desired address (eg, the provider "Hills" address, and then in the input boxpersonal data, enter «admin» (without the quotation marks) in both fields, check the box next to "Save Password" and click "OK".
In order to set up a connection to your ISP, in the window that opens in the browser, select the menu «MAIN» and sub «Wan», click on «Clone MAC Address», in order to copy the MAC address, typeConnection set «DHCP Client or Fixed IP» static addresses.Then enter in the field «Specify IP», «Subnet Mask», «Default Gateway», «DNS1», «DNS2» values ​​that are specified in your contract with the provider and save the settings by clicking on the button «Apply».