you need
  • - software Cursor Hider.
Using the software Cursor Hider, you can control the parameters of the display pointer, ie,to hide it if necessary.You can download this utility from the following link the loaded page, click on the top menu item Download, then click on the link with the anchor text cursorhider.exe.Install the program and run it by double-clicking on the icon on the desktop.
After starting the program in the system tray icon will appear with the image of a standard mouse pointer in Windows-based systems.In fact, when you run the setup utility, you have automatically involved.Open a text document and start typing the first sentence.Notice the cursor disappears when the first key is pressed.To us
e it again, you must move the mouse.
For whatever reason, you may need to disable the program for a while.It is not necessary to unload the full process from memory, click on the program icon and activate the option to temporarily disable the program using the command Disable.The program icon from the system will not disappear, but takes the form crossed-out indicator.
to go to the program settings you must click on its icon and then tap Options, or when a menu shortcut, press Alt + O (Latin).In the window that opens, navigate to the Cursor Hider, which is necessary to put a check in Hide pointer and Hide mouse.You can also set the time interval after which the mouse cursor will automatically disappear from your screen.For example, when reading e-books or articles you do not use the mouse.That it would not hurt you, while reading the recommended change the drop-down list from 1-2 seconds to 5-6.
As for the settings of the program, hiding the cursor at the same time they have ended.On the other tabs, you will find the advanced settings, such as running applications by pressing hotkeys, etc., which need not to each user.