you need
  • computer program Canopus ProCoder, film
installed on your personal computer program Canopus ProCoder.After installing the program on your desktop will be 2 icons: Canopus ProCoder and Canopus ProCoder Wizard.Take a second to not delve into the intricacies of options in preparation movie for playback on a DVD-player.
Start Canopus ProCoder Wizard, and in the window that appears, click "Next", then the request "Load Sourse" download the program file that you want to recode and click "Next".
In the window that appears set point in the first menu (the Wizard) and click "Next".In the next section "Select Target" select as the target recording DVD, again click "Next" and in the next window, select the video format is PAL.In the new menu, select the file type to DVD - VOB, and as usual, click "Next".On the next screen, set the output file: Bitrate - Constant bitrate.Click "Next".
Make choices duration film : 60, 90 or 120 minutes.It should be noted that the longer the duration you want to fit on the disk, the worse will be the quality of the film .In the next window, select the Optimize for Quality (optimize for quality).If you want, you can choose to optimize the speed, in which case the process will proceed faster, but the quality will deteriorate.In the window that appears, specify a name for the new file and click "Convert".The new window will be a window, which shows the status of the transmission process of encoding the file.The operation can always be interrupted by pressing the button "Stop".After completing the process, click "Finish".
If you want to make a movie in another format, such as MP4, then under the second paragraph is necessary to select CD-ROM Video, but in this case, you must first deal with a variety of video formats.