Developers Windows operating system added to her ability to copy and move user profiles , and, accordingly, all the settings of the folder profiley.Pereimenovat Default User.
This folder is on the system drive.Go to the system drive (by default, drive C :).And go to the folder «Documents and Settings».There is a folder and must «Default User».Follow-click left mouse button on the folder and drop-down list, select "Rename".Then set the new folder name.
Note: The folder is «Default User» is hidden, so you must first enable the display of hidden files and folders.
Rename the folder with the old user, profile which you want to transfer.To do this, go to the following path «C: Documents and Settings».Click the left mouse button
on the name of the old profile, select "Rename" and enter a name for the folder: «Default User».
Create a new user Windows and log on as that user.All settings for the new profile user will be taken from the folder «Default User», as well as you remember, profile this particular folder, and you have to peremestit.Primechanie: all of the above steps must be performed with the administrator account and that does notIt must be the Account settings of which you want to transfer.