you need
  • - USB flash drive;
  • - computer;
  • - Utility AlcorMP.
If you format a USB flash drive standard methods does not work, check for a small switch on it to protect it from the record.Very often it is the cause can not be formatted.If it exists, set it to the recording mode and try to carry out the formatting process again.
If not, download from the Internet a special utility that allows formatting the device.The most popular are: AlcorMP, Apacer Repair, JetFlash mFormat, HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, HDDScan, UStorage Tools Transcend and others.The most active of them is utility AlcorMP.
Install utility on your computer according to the proposed action program.After installation, insert the flash drive into the computer and run the utility.
In the list that appears, select your flash drive and press Start in the ensuing window.So start the formatting process, the completion of which will need to click "OK".
When formatting is very important to specify the correct USB flash drive, otherwise you can lose all the data available to any other specified device.It is best to turn off all the other stick before starting the utility to format.
If desired, you can change the program settings by going to the Tools menu and set the desired parameters.
Upon completion of the formatting process will be removed from the stick, not only viruses, but also all the available information on it.Therefore, before formatting, copy it with all the necessary data.
use purified memory stick for further work with the information.
If you format the device installed utility does not work, try using the same way other utilities.One of them is sure to fit.