To align a table in the center of a web page, use the attribute align = «center», present in the tag table.To align the right edge of the table use, respectively, the attribute align = «right».To align the left edge of the page, change the attribute to the left.
Besides the table, and you can align the contents of its cells - horizontally or vertically.For the horizontal alignment of the contents of the table cells, use the tr tag align attribute with the appropriate value.To apply it to the cell tag td.
Experiment with different alignme
nt of rows in different cells - you can align text in a table cell in the middle, and the other - on the right or left.
For vertical alignment of the text, use attribute valign = «top» for tags tr and td, to put the contents of the upper edge of the cell.To put the contents on the midline of the cell, change the value on the top middle, and to align the bottom edge of the cell, change the value on the bottom.You can also align the contents of the base line (the baseline).
adjusting the alignment of the contents of cells in both the horizontal and vertical, you can give the table exactly the kind of which it should have in finished form on your Web page.