For LAN games you need to install the No-Steam game client.Download the installation file from the Internet and make the installation Counter Strike on the computer.Then start the game and wait for it to download.
menu that appears, click New Game to create your own server.In the window you'll see a row to select the cards for the game.From the list, click on the desired section, then go to the tab Server.
Here you can configure the server.You can change the appearance of each player, select time for the purchase of weapons for each command, specify the starting amount with which the battle begins.It is also possible to disable blinding grenades, set the maximum number of players, etc.
Once the desired settings are made, press Start at the bottom of the menu.Wait create a map and then choose your team.After that, you can invite any player from your local network.To access the game they will be sufficient to enter the command line request to connect vash_IP_adres: 27015 and press Enter.Terminal for input is activated by pressing the ~ keyboard.Find the IP-address, you can have your ISP or network administrator.
To enable the ability to play over the Internet, the console, and type sv_lan 0, and then press Enter.Then tell your IP to other players.External IP-address, you can find out by using the appropriate service definition IP on the Internet.
To enhance gaming experience, you can also download the AMX-mod.To do this, download the required backup from the Internet and extract it to my folder with the game Counter Strike.This extension will help you to customize a variety of effects, make it more flexible configuration of the server and add the necessary commands to administer.To review all the features AMX-fashion, read the file Readme, which is in the archive with the extension of the game.