find a suitable option localization.First of all, you need to make sure that the translation is similar to the program (game) version: if you try to install an early release of the localization of the late, is likely to recalculate software failure and fix it can only reinstall.Also note that if a part of the transfer does not include DLC and plug-ins you have installed, they will retain the original language.
Prefer official translations.Of course, not every program has a "white" domestic location, however, if any, it is better to use it.This guarantees you a certain level of quality and, as a rule, easy installation.In addition, this Russification is much more full of cha
racter: for example, you're unlikely to find a "pirate" translation of the game with sound.
Try to find with automatic localization.There are two basic configuration of translations that you can find on the internet: formats .rar and .exe.The last feature in the form of installers - you only need to run them, to specify the game directory / program and click "Install."Obviously, it is easier and preferable.
localization files, downloadable format .rar, you need to install manually.To do this, unpack the archive to any directory and check the inside of the installation instructions: it should be explicitly stated where to copy the contents of the archive.If there are no clues, open the root directory of the game and try to find its files and folders with names similar to download (as a rule, they are placed directly in the startup folder).Your goal - to replace the existing data with new, what is done by simply clicking "copy" - "to insert the replacement."After this operation, crack can be considered active.Please note that English is back, you can only returning original files, so if any change not forget to make a backup.