you need
  • Graphic editor Adobe Photoshop.Graphic file containing the base image.
Open the image on which to draw tear , editor Adobe Photoshop.To do this, select from the menu "File" and "Open ...", or press "Ctrl + O".In the file selection dialog, select the directory where the file is a graphic.Highlight the file in the list.Click "Open."
How to draw
Install convenient scale for viewing and editing images.On the toolbar, click on the button "Zoom Tool", or press "Z".Using the mouse, hold the left mouse button, select the area in which will be editin
How to draw
Create a new layer.Select from the menu "Layer", "New", "Layer ...", or press the key combination Shift + Ctrl + N.In the dialog box "New Layer" then click "OK".
How to draw
Make a selection in the form of tears.Use the tool "Polygonal Lasso Tool".It can be activated via a button on the toolbar.This tool creates a selection marquee in the shape of a polygon, iethe area bounded by the segments.Mark the contours of the spin-off, asking a few points that are vertices of the polygon.
How to draw
5 Adjust the selection area.This is necessary in order to smooth the edges of the polygonal shape of the selection.Select from the menu "Select", "Modify", "Smooth ...".In the dialog box "Smooth Selection" in the "Sample Radius" enter a value of 2. Press the "OK".Select from the menu "Select", "Modify", "Feather ...", or press Alt + Ctrl + D.In the dialogue "Feather Selection" in the "Feather Radius" Enter a value of 1 or 2. Press "OK".
How to draw
Fill the selection with white.Set the foreground color to white.To do this, click on the square denoting the color on the toolbar.In the dialog that appears, make the choice of color.Click "OK".Select the "Paint Bucket Tool".Click the mouse at a point inside the selected area.
How to draw
change the style layer.Right-click on the line with the name of the layer you created in step 3, located in the control panel layers.In the context menu, select "Blending Options ...".A dialog appears "Layer Style".On the "Blending Options" dialog, change the value of the "Fill Opacity" to 0, in the list of "Blend Mode", select "Normal".Activate the switch "Inner Shadow", at the same time switching on the appropriate tab.In the "Blend Mode", select "Multiply".Click on the box to the right.Select blue.In the "Opacity", enter the value 75. Activate the tab "Bevel And Emboss".In the "Style", set the "Inner Bevel", and the list of "Technique" - value "Smootch".Fields "Depth", "Size", "Soften" and the two fields "Opacity" (following a top-down) set the values ​​of 30, 40, 5, 85, 50. In the control "Gloss Contour" icon, select "Roling Slope - Descending".Activate the tab "Contour".In the "Range", enter the value 70. In the control "Contour" icon, select the "Half Round".Click "OK".
How to draw
Save the modified image.In the main application menu, click on the items "File" and "Save for Web & amp; Devices", or press the shortcut Alt + Shift + Ctrl + S.In the displayed dialog box, select the format and compression options.Click "Save".Select the directory and a name for the file.Click "Save".
How to draw