you need
  • software Windows Logon Editor.
From the name of the program it becomes clear how the program works.It is worth noting that this utility is to change the standard image screen greeting only operating system Windows 7. The program itself is small, it is free and requires no installation.Interestingly, the utility allows you not only to replace the screen greeting , but also edit some parameters of its display.
After downloading the program, which is packed to the archive, you must unzip to any folder on your hard drive.To perform this task, use the WinRar or Total Commander.You can now run the program, open it by double-clicking the executable fi
le Logon Editor.exe.Do not forget to run the utility as administrator (right click on the file and select "Run as administrator").
In the main window, click Browse, select any image which could come as screen greeting , click Apply Logon («Apply").If you want to return the original screen image greeting , click Restore Logon.
is also possible to change the screen greeting without using special software for that you need to change settings "Group Policy" of your operating system.Click "Start", left click on the search bar and enter gpedit.msc, and then press Enter.
In the window that opens, select the Computer Configuration, then go to Administrative Templates, click System, click Logon.
the right side of the window "Group Policy", select Always use custom logon background and set to Enabled.
Now we have to change the standard pattern screen greeting , which is located at C: WindowsSystem32oobeinfoackgrounds.Replace standard file backgroundDefault.jpg at your option, be sure to specify your version of the same name.