Types rendering

model in this case - it's layout or project that creates designer or programmer.This description by means of a data structure of the programming language or graphics tools.Typically, the model has a description of the geometry of the object, its lighting, the material of which comprise objects, and else.

Rendering is used to create entertaining material, such as animated films, design models, prototypes and other.In this case, the model is created in special programs, and all of its parameters are determined by the author.

Another application rendering - visualization of the data, such as scientific research.Almost all the satellite images - the result of the rendering.The image obtained in the form of electromagnetic waves by scanning the outer body, and to r
eceive from this image data must be rendered.

Sometimes, if you come across the word "render" in the job description, that by this word we mean the ability to create objects of 3D-graphics.Moreover, the need to create objects "from scratch", despite the fact that rendering is the last step in the process.


Since in most cases it is meant for rendering 3D-graphics, it is useful to consider this aspect in more detail.Since this word is often used, it has become an integral part of professional vocabulary, so formed the verb "rendering", which varies according to the rules of the Russian language.

3D-rendering of one of the most important topics in computer graphics.You can create the most beautiful 3D-model, but until it is rendered, no one will be able to appreciate its beauty and functionality.

Depending on the purpose for which the 3D-rendering is required, it is divided into the following types.

- Prerendering - rendering poor quality.It is necessary for the preview when creating a slimmer model.The graphics packages typically create an object takes place in prerenderinga, so you always see about what will be the result.

- The final rendering - different rendering and careful study of all the details.For complex models it takes time, as well as an essential part of your computer's resources.

- rendered in real-time - used in computer games, and stimulants.To run as he can better and more efficiently, often used 3D-accelerators.

rendering of 3D-models are usually engaged in 3D-designers, using special editing software such as 3Ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Blender and others.