Do you have the English version of Adobe Photoshop CS4.For the Russification of the program you need a language pack.If you do not have it, then open the browser.In the search bar, enter "Russification Photoshop CS4» or «Photoshop CS4 crack."
If before you tried to install another crack, then delete it.To do this, go to the Control Panel "Add or Remove Programs."Now find a crack, and then click "Remove."And if it is not in this list, remove the disabled localization files manually.
localization after the jump start it.If the file is stored in the archive, unpack it to any folder and run the executable file as .exe

To unpack use WinRAR, 7-zip or other archive.
In the new window, click "Bro
wse" and select the folder location of the program Adobe Photoshop.By default, this folder is located at "C: \ Program Files \ Adobe \ Adobe Photoshop CS4".If you program a different location, then to determine its address, locate the Photoshop shortcut on the desktop or in the "Start" menu.Click the right button, select "Properties" and in the line "object" you will find the path to the folder location.
After selecting a location for the file, click "Extract."
The process of Russification program.It may take several minutes, depending on your system performance.
installation is complete, click "OK".
Then run the program Adobe Photoshop CS4.In the main menu, select "Edit- & gt; Preferences- & gt; General".
In the «Preferences» tab, click «Interface».In the «UI Language» select Russian language and click "OK".
Now close and re-Open the Photoshop.Everything is ready, you can use the program with the Russian interface.