Tip 1: How to remove the recent documents

To ensure easy operation by the computer in most operating systems, implemented a lot of interactive media.Often, people use them in the work automatically, referring to the ten daily services running.Moreover, the functionality of many of them can be directed not only at the user's convenience.Some of the services may make the transfer of personal data on the user network.To avoid this, it is advisable to regularly clean the recent documents on your computer.Also, the recent removal of the documents will not save disk space unnecessarily more information.
On the desktop operating system, open the options menu of the taskbar and click "Start."To do this, right-click on the taskbar at the bottom of the current desktop.In the shortcut menu, click on "Properties".The dialog box parameters of the system.
Click the mouse in the present window tab "" Start "menu."This tab will display the desktop image.Here it is located the radio buttons to control properties.The inclusion of
any of these elements leads to the activation of a button "Configure ...".
Turn on the radio in the window switch "" Start "menu" and click on the "Customize ..." to the right of the radio button.You open a new window, which shows the general and advanced properties menu button "Start".Move the mouse click on "Advanced" tab.
Clean recent documents .To do this, at the bottom of the dialog box in the tab, find the "Recent Documents ยป.It presents the controls to specify certain settings this mode.Press the button under "Clearing the list."All of your recently used documents will be deleted from the disk and the section "Documents" menu button "Start".

Tip 2: How to find recent documents

folder "Recent Documents " in the Windows operating system displays a list of recent files viewed.By default, this folder in Windows is not displayed.But for the convenience of opening recently used files you can set it right in the display "Start" menu in the form of pop-up list.
you need
  • Basic computer skills.
To start call Taskbar and get in her left side "Start" button.Click this button once, right-click.
In the action menu, left-click once on the line "Properties."After that you will see a window with the properties of the taskbar and the "Start" menu.
In the window that opens, activate the tab "" Start "menu" by clicking the left mouse button once.
Next click on the "Customize", which is located in front line with the chosen style "Start" menu.The window with the settings menu.
In this window activate the "Advanced" tab.It presents three sets of settings.
The last block "Recent documents " tick line "Display a list of recently opened documents."Then click the "OK" button located at the bottom of the window.
After that, a list of recently opened documents will be displayed when you hover the cursor on the line "Recent documents ", which is located in the "Start" menu.
Helpful Hint
settings window "Start" menu, you can also clear the list of recently opened documents.Clearing the list does not entail the removal of files.
  • find the Start menu


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