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  • -Computer.
No computer, whether it is the most powerful and the most modern, can not be switched off by simply pulling the cord; otherwise it can "forget" all performed previously.Yes, and system failures in this case, and the consequences can be very serious.Therefore, disconnect the computer from the power supply must be properly, observing all the successive steps.
To begin the computer by pressing a special button on the system unit.But to turn it off you need to look closely at the desktop screen, especially in the lower left corner, which is a large - is the main buttons - "start".Depending on your operating system, it may be s
omewhat different: on some versions, there is an inscription on the button "Start" on the other - it appears when the cursor.It is important to remember one thing - the desired button is located in the corner.
Place your cursor on it and press the button.Then in the window that displays a list of installed programs, and the right part of the panel will be located the button that says "Shut Down."It is something you and need.
In the seventh version of the Windows operating system when the cursor to the right side in the pop side window will show a list of available off the options: "Switch User", "Log Out", "Block", "Restart""Sleep."If you do not plan to use these functions, press "Shut down", do not forget to keep all these documents and close all running applications.
Ate you're going to restart the computer or send it to sleep, you need to select the appropriate option from the drop-down panel.
Everything is simple and in earlier versions of Windows.When you press the "Start" opens a new dialog box "Turn off computer" with three additional icons: "Sleep," "off" and "reset".Sleep mode allows you to save the current state of the computer, and then you can restore job from the moment at which it was suspended.Later, you can turn off your computer in the classical way.Rebooting the system is often required in establishing the programs, drivers, connect the new devices, the update to take effect.The button "off" speaks for itself.
the eighth version of Windows 8 "Start" button is not present, and all the other function buttons "scattered" around the desktop.Shutting down the computer but can also in this case, and in several ways.For example, using the sidebar settings Settings Charms.Open it by moving the cursor to the top right corner of the desktop, or drag your finger along the right edge of the touch screen.Also to open it, you can use the keyboard shortcut Win + I.By clicking on them, you'll see the button "off" and available for this menu function off the system and reboot.
To call the traditional box for Windows, use the keyboard keys Alt + F4, however, they act only from the desktop.
Additionally, you can set up your computer so that it switches itself off at a certain time.To do this, go to the "Start" menu, and then successively open the "Control Panel" and "All Control Panel Items."Then you need to go to the menu "Administration" and select the "Task Scheduler."In the right pane scroll to "Create a simple task."In the new window in the corresponding rows specify the name and description of the problem.Then click "Next" button, go to the next step.On the "flip-flop", specify the frequency of the process.Continue with "Next" button.Then select the action type, for which a special window "Start Program" in the "program or script" enter the value "shutdown".In the "Arguments", add the string «-s -t 60" their data, while leaving unchanged the number 60. In this case, the trip computer will be performed at the specified time with a pause of 60 seconds.