you need
  • One program: Alcohol 120% or Deamon Tools
Today there are many programs with which you can open image s drivesand work with them.And with each passing day their number is growing constantly.It is not just about the game image ah.It can be all sorts of programs or data files.Leaders in the field such software programs are of Alcohol 120% and Deamon Tools.
Install the program Alcohol 120% on your computer.When you choose a version of the program, pay attention to the characteristics of your operating system.The fact that the version of the program star
ted to work with 32-bit system will not install correctly on a 64-bitnuyuyu.Run the program.Find the item "image search s", located in the left column, and then run it.Specify the folder in which the image is desired game.Once the program finds the desired file, click on it, right click and select "Add".
How to open
Then open the main menu.You will see the name of the image and among the available files.Click on it, right click and select "Attach to the device."Choose one of the offered virtual DVD-drives.
How to open
If you decide to use the program Deamon Tools, install it on your computer.If you do not need to create an image s, and your goal is just to have finished reading the file, it is recommended to use a version of the Deamon Tools Lite.Restart the computer, allowing the program to create a virtual device.Start Deamon Tools and open the icon located in the system tray in the lower right corner of the screen.Search for image and games .To do this, click on the icon "Add", which looks like a disk with a "+" and select the folder that contains the desired file.After adding it to the catalog s image, click on it, right click and select "Mount."
How to open