Visuals does not change with a predetermined frequency - 25 frames per minute, and at time intervals set by the user in accordance with the dynamics of the image.If the image is static (standing still), it does not change, and changes in a video image at 25 frames per second.When playing on the screen may be interference that users are seen as deterioration.

Another example in which the best thing to do as the exe file - it fotoprezentatsiya.High-quality pictures in the format 2000x3000 pixels in size occupy up to 3.5 MB.Creating a presentation or a slideshow using multiple photos, the file sizes are huge.In addition, the output characteristics of a slideshow should match the resolution of a particular monitor.In such a situation

it is better to create the exe file is correct, ie,set the "size rendering."It is active by default with the 800x600 pixel resolution.It should be increased to 1200h900 pixels.

View on the screen with a resolution of, for example, 1280x1024 pixels, 2000x3000 pixels in size photographic material often leads to an increase in the load on the computer processor that can cause jerking when changing images and movement.To reduce the size of the file and load the best fit solution will be inserted in the slide image so as to be the same size, but without any compression.When fitting a photo, you need to further improve the sharpness of images within 20-25%.

To create a slide show in the format exe, you can use the menu in the program presentations.Select the function "New", go to the "Create exe show."On the resulting tab "Output Options" specify "Output Quality" - "high".Next, set the menu or refuse to create a slide show.In the next tab, "Select Show" is necessary to remove the label "Include an introductory show on the tab" and "Screen Saver at the start the show."Then activate the "Create."The resulting presentation of the exe file or a slide show can be recorded on CD or DVD.For this fit any recording software CD.