you need
  • - the right to read the source files;
  • - free disk space for the formation of the resulting file;
  • - write permissions to the target directory.
Combine part file by using the append the contents of the file manager.Use the File Manager, which provides the option to add a file the end of another when trying to overwrite.One such program is the Total Commander.V one panel file manager, open the directory where the output file will be placed.Copy it in the first part of the combined file .Rename it by specifying the name of the resulting file .Copy this name to the clipboard or remember ego.V another panel file m
anager, open the directory with the second part of the merged file .Start the process of copying the second part file renamed the directory with the first part.File Manager displays a confirmation dialog box with a text field that contains the full path and file name destination.Replace the path of the corresponding file name on the contents of the clipboard or manually enter the name of the resulting file .Click OK.Poskolku target file already exists, you are prompted to type of surgery performed.Select "Append".Consistently perform a similar operation with respect to all other parts of the file .
Combine part file by using the assembly of Total Commander.Put all of the combining parts into one directory.Rename them by giving file m the same name and type of digital extensions 001, 002, 003, etc.The sequence of the extension number will determine the order of the pieces in the resulting file.Open one panel Total Commander directory file prepared of parts, and in another - the directory where the assembly will be performed.Select the first file of the parts (one that has an extension 001).From the main menu items Total Commander "file" and "Build file ...".In the dialog box, click OK.Wait until the unification of parts.
Connect part file using the copy command from the command line.Start shell cmd.To do this, click on the "Start" button in the taskbar on the desktop.In the menu that appears, select "Run".Display dialog "Run".In the text box of this dialog type cmd.Click OK.V the console, enter the command type: copy / B file1 + file2 + ... + fileN result_filegde file1, file2, fileN - string representing an absolute or relative path to the file names of parts, result_file - the name of the file resultskey / B indicates the need to merge the files in binary mode.Press Enter.Wait for the copy process.