you need
  • - TrueCrypt;
  • - FreeOTFE;
  • - MyFolder;
  • - AxCrypt;
  • - 7-zip;
  • - Windows 7 bitlocker
How to put strongzaschitu / strong on bfleshku / b "class =" colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink "rel =" gallery-step-images "& gt; Download and install TrueCrypt, are most popular among experienced users. The application allows you to encrypt both sections of the removable USB-drive or entire disk. The program is free, and freely distributed on the Internet. The popularity of the program is due to the reliability of information security, to the disadvantagesnot include the most simple application interface.
use simplified analogue TrueCrypt application called FreeOTFE. The program has the ability to create encrypted virtual disks and has a minimalist interface.FreeOTFE
is open source and freely available on the Internet.Compatible with both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Enjoy the convenience of using the program MyFolder, providing the ability to password protect not only the removableUSB-drive, but also on the local hard drive.There is a special icon in the notification area provides convenient access to all the protected folders and the Blowfish encryption algorithm ensures the speed of the operation.The disadvantage is the lack of application support 64-bit versions of WIndows.
use of certain encryption capabilities of the selected files on the removable disk, the application provided AxCrypt.The protection of the file takes place through the use of the context menu item Encrypt file, decryption is performed automatically when you double-click the mouse, and the introduction of the desired password.Closing the file leads to re-encryption algorithm with 128-bit AES.
create encrypted archives of the necessary files using the most secure 256-bit AES algorithm using the free archiver 7-zip.It may create some inconvenience scheme unzip selected files into a temporary storage in an unprotected form.
Use the built-in password protection utility removable drive or any of the selected sections of the operating system of Windows 7 Ultimate, called BitLocker.