training to work with the computer - not an easy task, it takes time and peace of mind.We must remember that most people who first sat down at the computer, simply do not understand what and how it works.So no need to be nervous, and is to be patient.First, outline the curriculum.It is necessary to specify only the most important and essential aspects of learning.Start with the most simple.From the movement of the mouse cursor to the use of the simplest programs.
then identify with the time of study.Remember that if you force a person to do the same thing for an hour, it could push him away from the use of the computer in the future, and to instill an aversion
to learning.Try to diversify activity every 10-15 minutes.
When training on computer you have to give the most necessary.First, the student must understand the hierarchy of system components and devices.Explain the work of all parts of the computer, interacting with input devices - output.Next, explained the operating system, data storage on hard drives.In short, let the theory.Without it, no way.
Secondly, starting the theory, do not try to give everything at once.Start by creating folders and files on the computer , their location on the hard disk.Explain the process of copying and pasting different elements.After that proceed to install the program.Here again, a break in the theory.Tell us about the main types of programs and why they exist.
third point of your training program should be the practice of working with applications.Traditionally, it begins with the study of text editors, such as Microsoft Word.Learning Word to be voluminous.The student must learn to freely create and edit any type of documents.
Then continue to acquaint the user with the program.Proceed with training to work in the graphic editors, antivirus applications, office and others.The more the student will use the software, the faster he will understand the essence of the computer and will be able to automate your actions with it.