you need
  • - Microsoft Word.
Enter the text you want to create a table of contents.To insert page breaks, use sections, each section begins with a new sheet.Section name enter in this format: "Section 1. Name ...".For subsections use the following form: "The name of subsection 1.1."These are general recommendations, the introduction of the text you want to use the methodological guidelines for writing the work, or the requirements of the publisher.
Select title sequence sections on the toolbar or in the menu "Format" - "Styles and Formatting" select for them the style "Heading 1".In the future, you can change the formatting of the text name, but make sure that the name of the style was preserved for this text.Similarly, select the name of the sub-section and ap
ply the style "Heading 2".Accordingly, check the document headers of other levels, to prepare insert a table of contents.
start adding content when you have finished formatting the text.Place the cursor in the document where you want to insert a table of contents.Run the command "Insert" - "Link" - « Index and Indices", then go to the tab « Browse" to select settings (aggregate number of levels header, and so on).Click the "OK" button.The text will be added to the content.
If in the future when editing text, changing the amount of text, and, respectively, and page numbers, right-click on the content.Select "Update Field" in the dialog box, choose "Only the page numbers" - "OK."If you made changes to the structure of the document, then when you update, select "Update All."
to insert a table of contents in Word 2007. To do this, go to the tab "Links".In the left pane, click « Contents ».Select the template appearance of the table of contents, to change the settings, click « Contents », set the desired options and click "OK".