HDRip and BDRip - special designations that indicate users of personal computers on the quality of the video they want to download.

Features HDRip

Movies in HDRip - have a better quality than DVDRip.Their resolution can be high quality, but most of the network can find these files, which are quite standard resolution.Of course, if the resolution is high, then their value will be more conventional films.Their main advantage is the sound.It is made in such films very well.

The result is that movies with the inscription HDRip, have great sound and not always excellent resolution, even though this involves a copy of the signature of sources of high-definition movies.HDRip may have a different resolution, such as 720p, 1080p, 1280p or 1080i.The first digit indicates the size of the image vertically, and the letter indicates the sweep.For
example, i - interlaced, and the image of the film will be formed from the two half-frames.In another case, if the next size picture the letter p, means that the frame of the film will be transmitted entirely, instead of the pair of images formed.

Features BDRip

With regard BDRip, that such films can be classified as HD (high quality images).The fact that the films with the signature BDRip absolutely will always have amazing picture quality.The main difference from the first second can be considered the size of the file.As mentioned above, HDRip not always excellent image, causing the size of these files can be much smaller.

BDRip always more and usually takes 3.5 GB of free hard disk space and more.In the event that you download from the Internet video BDRip, then you can definitely be sure that the sound and picture quality here is the best, because movies are BDRip only resolution of 1920x1080 or 1280x720 (which is the highest value).Of course, you have to pay for the quality of the free space on the hard disk.

The result is that HDRip - record any video directly from HD-broadcast (in addition, because of HDRip produced content for TV broadcast, but will have a different value - HDTV), while as BDRip - high-quality recordinga Blu-Ray drive, which provides the highest quality picture and sound with a good handler.Yes, the difference between these concepts are almost invisible, but it is still there.