to write simple formulas using conventional signs and abbreviations, which do not require special methods of entry: "*" - multiplication "/" - division, "+" - the amount, "-"- the difference," ^ "- exponentiation" = "- equality,« & gt; »- a sign of longer,« & lt; "- a sign less,« & lt;& gt; »- the sign is not equal,« & lt; = »- a sign of less than or equal,« = & gt; »- a sign of greater than or equal.With these designations can be described most typical formulas.However, sometimes due to the complexity and the large number of actions, formulas, written in a manner difficult to read.
to write complex formulas, you can use a special tool.In Microsoft Word is Microsoft Equation.To start it is necessary to pass at th
e "Insert» - & gt;"Object" in the dialog box, on the first tab from the list to choose Microsoft Equation, and click "OK" or double click on the selected item.After that, the document in the workspace will open the toolbar, and place the text where there was a mouse, highlight the area to enter the formula.The toolbar is divided into sections, each section is a specific set of characters.By clicking on the section, the list of characters in it unfolds.From the list that you need to select the character you want and click on it.Once selected, the specified character appears in the input field, which is highlighted in the text.Commissioning is carried out in direct order, that is, if you want to write a fractional expression, the first from the toolbar, select the symbol of the fraction, and then enter the numerator and denominator.If you want to describe the extraction of roots, first introduced the character of the root, and then - radical expression, and so on.
If you open the "Insert» - & gt;"Object" in the list you can not find the tool Microsoft Equation, it must be installed.To do this, you need the installation disc or disk image file distribution Word.Run the installer.In the action pane, select the "Add or Remove Features.To add or remove individual components "and click" Next ".In the next window, check the box next to the line "advanced customization of applications."Click "Next".In the windows of the list you need to select the appropriate add-on that you want to install, in this case, Microsoft Equation.Find a list item "Equity Office» and click on the plus sign to the left.In the actual list, we are interested in the item "Equation Editor."Click on the icon next to the word "Equation Editor" and, from the menu, click "Run from My Computer."Then click "Update" and wait until the installation of the necessary components will be held.After the installation, you can use the formula editor as described in the preceding paragraph.