Remember universal rule when working at a computer: you first need to select an object (image, text), and then specify what action you want to perform on it.This system generally has virtually no exceptions.
Find the screen folder "My Computer" and open it by clicking on it twice left mouse button.Help Topics Windows, clicking on the keyboard press F1.The same key is called a certificate in any program.So you get the opportunity to find all the information you need in the Help system.
in the search box, type the text "key combination Windows».Find the section "Overview of keyboard shortcuts Windows».Print the pages of this section, learn by heart.If instead of a mouse, you will be using "hot keys" is several times save you time when working at a computer.
Find a tutorial Peter Norton's work at t
he computer.His first publication was called "hardware and software organization of IBM PC».Examine the device on it, and the principles of a computer, get acquainted with the history of personal computers.Difficult to understand the place may be missing.Later editions include sections on studying and Windows Software Microsoft Office.
Examine the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office will also help you book publishing «Microsoft Press».Authors of books were directly involved in the development of operating systems and applications for them.
Arsenal of the computer to solve problems is not very large.Therefore, by studying a particular reception, try to apply it to other tasks.Marshall analogy.
To master the skill of ten-typing, download and install the program "Solo on the keyboard", whose author is a psychologist and journalist V.Shakhidjanyan.When you pass a hundred exercise course, you can print quickly without looking at the keyboard, which greatly save your time when working at a computer.