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  • by Windows.
Display panel quick start .Right-click in a blank area of ​​the taskbar.The context menu appears.Select and select "Toolbars".You will see a submenu.Mark and select "Quick Start".Near panel th problems will panel quick start .
How to Add
find the object you want to add to the panel quick start .Double-click on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop.In the resulting window, click the drive on which the facility is located.Consistently opening folders and go to the folder with the
object.The object can be a file of the application, document, folder, or shortcut.
How to Add
Add object panel quick start .Select the object in the preview window of the folder.Place your mouse cursor over it.Click the left mouse button.Without releasing the button, move the cursor to a blank space on the Quick launch .Release the mouse button.The object will be added to the panel quick start .
How to Add
Edit the properties of the shortcut in the Quick start .Right-click on the shortcut you just added the object.In the menu that appears, select "Properties."This will open the Properties dialog shortcut.It is possible to edit the name of the label that is displayed in the tooltip, the working folder, as well as options launch the application, if the shortcut points to an executable file.
How to Add