Write or draw the general concept of the game to include all planned actions that will have to make a player, consider the graphical component and define the overall aim of the game that you want to achieve to win.
Shall describe the basic steps of creating the future of the game before starting work on it, because this should be done in a logical manner, and gradually create a variety of aspects of the program.Find out which software features you need to work out the various parts of the game and put them into a coherent whole.
Download and run the application Flash MX Professional, double-clicking on its icon on the desktop or in the "Start" menu, under "Programs."Start to draw graphical objects in the game or in advance by importing
objects from another program.
Create the main characters, distribute their roles and responsibilities, work through their display and animation, their impact on the surrounding graphics, the remaining number of lives, if necessary, and the system set points.Use the applications "If Then", to determine which objects should remain permanently on the screen, and which will be somehow involved in the performance of certain actions.
Open the ActionScript scripting and mount other specific events in the game, such as displaying text or changing levels.Take advantage of the available templates to prescribe a particular action.
game Save the project and run it to check on the performance.If there are errors, make a note of their name and go back to your code to correct any inaccuracies.Test the game as long as you are sure that in the process it does not have any problems.Download the game on the website, so that visitors could play it.