The easiest way to record is to use the standard program for recording CDs Windows.Insert the disc into the drive and close it.Autoplay window opens, there you have to select the line "Burn files to disc."Then enter on which media you want to write them down: USB or CD / DVD.In the above line, specify the name of the disc.Click Next.
opens a blank window with a hidden file Desktop.ini.In this window you need to copy the necessary files of the software.This can be done through the clipboard or by dragging and dropping from window to window.The window will show the file or directory.Click "Save to CD" and wait for the burn process.
There are a number of pro
grams, specialized for recording discs.For example, a package of Nero.He paid, but a trial period.Download it from the official site of the developer and install on your computer.Run the application Nero Burning ROM.Opens "new project."Its tabs, configure the desired recording parameters (recording speed, the presence of multi-session and so on.).If the files to be written, there are those with capacity greater than 1 GB, you should use the type of project UDF (for DVD-ROM drive).Click "New".
The window is divided into two halves.Left list of files to be recorded.On the right - are on the media.Select the path in the right window the desired file and drag it into the right window.Similarly, you can drag the windows directory.When the necessary files will be ready for recording, click the button "Record", in a new window - "Burn."Wait, when will the record.
similar manner is recorded on the disc in other similar programs.Name options or functions of the buttons may vary, depending on the interface of the program producer, but the principle is the same.