you need
  • Internet access
access the Internet and search engine to type the name of the program Ā«EraserĀ», go to the link and download.Once downloaded, run the saved file.During installation, choose from the options Typical, accepting the default settings, wait until the end of the installation.If the last window to put at the bottom of the box before you click "Finish", then immediately open the program.
With desktop Eraser runs a standard way through a double-click on this icon.Now, in order to get rid of the photos, just drag in the active window of the program file or an entire folder.Click on the icon file the left mouse button and hold, drag to the window with the program, press confirmation, and you're done.It is imp
ortant to be careful because it will be impossible to recover them.Eraser uses multiple overwritten data, iehe does not just remove the name or erases files and records in their place new, eliminating the possibility of cancellation of destruction.
Files can be removed and the complete formatting of the hard drive, but it will take much more time and erase all the information immediately.Alternatively you can use to overwrite the data, it is most important for cleaning flash drives.To destroy the photos on a flash drive, you must connect it to your PC and go to "My Computer", then click on its icon, right-click.Opens the context menu, find the line "Format ..." and press.In the window that opens, click the "Start" and confirm that we want to completely delete all the data, "OK."When formatting is completed, it is necessary to completely fill the volume of the stick with the new data, the content does not matter, and then format it.This will protect the owner from recovering the photos and did not take long.