First of all, if you have an operating system of Windows, the System Files Update - a very important thing.Because if you have an older version, it may be the cause of system errors, software conflicts, and many other problems.Therefore upgrade is essential for correct operation of applications.The method updates on the user's choice.Most preferably the "automatic update", because if it is disabled in the system, it is possible that you miss an important patch for the system.To enable automatic updating need to go to: Start - Control Panel - Automatic Update.Or, if you are not satisfied with the automatic update, you can download it on the officia
l website of Microsoft ( ).If you have a modified version of the operating system, it is better to download the update from another source.For example, the site dedicated to your modified version.
Programme, residing in system processes (for example, antivirus software), it is desirable to update automatically from the Internet, because such applications require regular updating (sometimes several times a day).Long does not update these foods can seriously affect the security of the operating system.And is updated each time a site is likely just uncomfortable.
If the applications that need to be updated automatically from the Internet for a long time did not receive the update, you need to thoroughly check everything.First of all, go to the program, click "Properties" or "help" and check the version.Then, go to the official website and see what the latest version of the program.It is likely that the app is no longer automatically updated because it is an old version.In order to again receive updates, you need to download the latest version from the official site.
Sometimes the update is not necessarily so, and the program can work properly without it.But it can add some features to the program, to correct minor flaws, etc.In general, the renewal of this kind are patches.They are installed simply enough.Usually you need to download the installer, then run the program and specify the directory.But sometimes the patch stored in the archive and to decompress it, you need to install WinRar.And then, as a rule, to replace the old files from the directory to the new program from the archive.