you need
  • - computer;
  • - USB support.
Open "My Computer" and locate the files and folders that you want to copy to the media.Highlight them.This can be done by pressing the left mouse button on the icon and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
Right-click on the selected object.The drop-down menu, select "Properties".Properties window opens, and you will need to wait until the system considers the amount information , contained in the selected folders and files.At the top of the window shows "File: 84,333;Folders: 11,047 "(of course, you will be different numbers).The waiting time depends on the amount of information .
Turn the volume of data in units of medi
a.1 GB = 1024 megabytes, and thus 1 MB = 1024 kilobytes, and 1 Kb = 1024 bytes.If your vehicle is marked in gigabytes - that you only need to look at their number in the same properties window.In this case the 8.33 Gb.You will be the size of the other, but the principle remains the same.
compare the amount of data with the volume of your media.If you have a USB flash drive labeled 16 Gb, then at her, respectively, can record up to 16 gigabytes.Press again, right-click the selected object and select "Copy", and in the media - select "Paste".Further information will be copied to the local drive of your computer to a portable device.
If you caught a rare specimen stick 128 or 512 megabytes or you record CD-ROM, you will need to convert the number information in megabytes.To do this, divide the number of bytes (it is indicated in brackets) doubled by 1024. Now, however, almost all carriers selling of at least 1 GB, so the problems should arise.In the future, try to buy USB drives are not less than 4 GB, so you can transfer large volumes of information .