The easiest way to add a shortcut on the desktop - is to click on the file with your right mouse button, for which you want to create it.In the context menu, select "Send".There will be a sub-menu in which you need to click on the line "Desktop (create shortcut)."In this way, you can add shortcuts not only individual files and entire folders.By clicking on the folder icon, you get access to all files that are in it.
Also, there are cases that require access to the file very quickly.But to take advantage of the label is required to roll all the windows and running applications.In such cases, it's best to create a shortcut on the Quick Launch tool
bar.To do this, right click on an empty space on the taskbar.The context menu appears in which select "Properties".The menu taskbar where tick lines "Show Quick Launch" and "Keep the taskbar on top of other windows."Then click "Apply".
Now select the desired shortcut.Clamped on it the left mouse button and drag down to the taskbar.The label is added to the Quick Launch toolbar.
Also, in addition to files and folders, you can create shortcuts to shut down and restart the computer.This will turn off the PC in a fast mode.Right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop.In the resulting menu, click on "Create".You will see the additional menu, where select "Create Shortcut."In the window that appears, enter the Shutdown.exe -r to restart the computer, and to turn it off - Shutdown.exe -s.After you choose the command for the shortcut, click "Next" and in the next window - "Done."
Labels on and reload the operating system are not shown.To add an icon for these labels, then right-click.Then select the "Properties" tab and click on "Change Icon."