you need
  • computer with an Internet connection, speakers and microphone.
If you want to play on a virtual guitar or piano, use special programs that simulate a game.For example, Piano Chords, Piano 3D or Free Virtual Piano.Play the melody, you can save to your computer and play.For such programs to be particularly relevant computers with touch screen.
Feel like a DJ using Mixxx.This free app that simulates a DJ stand.At your disposal will be a huge number of effects to create unique mixes.Amaze your friends at a party, having created this program windup and cheerful music.
to create music using their favorite audio editor.To date, there are a large number of them from elementary to professional and sophisticated.Waves 8 program allows you to use a collection of VST effects - EQ, compression, noise reduction
, pan, saturation, guitar pedals, reverb, and more.
Create experimental electronic music with Magic Music Maker.You will have MIDI loops, unique effects, virtual instruments, drum machine, synthesizer, etc.Although the program is designed for ordinary users, it is able to meet very broad needs.
for more advanced work with music using Ableton Live.With its convenient interface you can organize the final mastering with high professional quality sound.Work in real time, like a DJ.Reduction of the tracks in the program is very convenient - at its creation were involved world-renowned DJs, so all the requests and desires of the DJ is taken into account.In this program, everything is done to ensure that the process of composing music was for you joy and pleasure.Studio supports the most used technologies, such as: ASIO, Core Audio, VST, Audio Units and Rewire.
If you are a professional, pay attention to Cubase - the most advanced program for creating music.It presents a large number of built-in programs, in addition, the studio is different in sound.It includes tools for every stage of the creation of music: sound recording, including the 7.1 format, processing, new types of full automation, reduction, the final mastering, mixing, support for new formats, advanced tools for creating and editing loops, powerful plug-inscorrection processing and singing, editing, MIDI, etc.Cubase used in recording studios from around the world.