best shooters

One of the most popular shooters, according to users, is Battlefield 4. Compared with its previous version, it has improved graphics, developed the concept and an increased number of opportunities.This game is very beautiful.There you can bring down a skyscraper to break down all the living from the sea to combat boats and fight during the storm.

Battlefield 4 - online game.Opponents also use tactical moves, coordinate actions among themselves and cunning.

Next game - is Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.It's more than just a game about the Templars and the assassins hooded.It opens up the world of Caribbean piracy era.You can loot the ships to hunt sharks and explore the jungle.

Probably the most famous among fans of the game - GTA 5. It is more like a movie than a gam
e: the best characters, meticulous attention to detail.In this game, there is always something to do.And if you suddenly get tired of GTA 5 - Welcome to the GTA Online.She is interested in at least a single campaign.

Bioshock: Infinite is also one of the best.According polzovatetey, it is addictive, and I want to play at least to find out what will happen next.The multidimensionality of the game is just incredible.The game has great music, graphics and visual style.

best strategy

Who will talk about the game, familiar, perhaps, to many gamers.It WarCraft 3. In the universe of diversified heroic life by role-playing elements, magic spells and artifacts that you need to bring down the enemy.Traditional elements have not disappeared, but their field of application broadened.

following strategy - Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Many days playing in this splendor.Recruit an army, battle monsters and collect resources and chests.And if you play with friends, it becomes even more interesting, because the need to think carefully about every move.

Rome: Total War - well-known game.The advantages of it was much more when compared to the previous version.Control armies became more meaningful.Now, where it makes more sense to build alliances and diplomatic relations, prepare plots.You can besiege enemy cities, going to the rear of the army and breaking one cavalry assaults.It's just a space for imagination!

Civilization 4 - one of those turn-based, viscous strategies that will not die ever.Travel tree inventions birth born geniuses, religion - all play an important role.If you get bored - you can attack the careless neighbors.And then - a revolution, a new era of technology and all the possibilities to create a superpower.