you need
  • - network cable;
  • - Wi-Fi adapters.
When it comes to the creation of the connection of two stationary computers among themselves, many involve the connection cable .Indeed, this is one of the cheapest and easiest option.Connect the ends of the cross LAN cable to the appropriate ports on each computer.Wait for the process of recognition of the new network.
Open the Network and Sharing Center.Select a new network connection and open its properties.In the menu that appears, go to
the properties of the data transmission protocol TCP / IP.In Windows Seven before you will have a choice of two options.Select the fourth version of the protocol.
Locate the «IP-address", and fill it.Press Tab, to automatically obtain a subnet mask.Follow the same setup TCP / IP protocol on the second computer, changing with the fourth segment of the IP-addresses.
There are situations where the connection cable two computers impossible for various reasons.In such cases come to the aid of wireless communication options.Get two Wi-Fi adapter.They are divided into two types by type of connection to the computer: USB and PCI.
Select "Manage wireless networks."Click "Add" and select the "Create an ad hoc network."Enter the name of the future wireless network and the password for it.
Turn on the second computer and activate the search for wireless networks.The icon should appear in the system tray at the far right of the screen.Select the desired network and connect to it by entering the password.
Connect Wi-Fi adapter to the computer and install the software and drivers.Restart the computer and verify that both the adapter are working properly.Open the Network and Sharing Center on any computer and set Connect .