Tip 1: How to divide the disc is in 2 parts

Many users are accustomed to, that one hard drive contains several sections.Sometimes this is done for convenience, for example, that each user has its own partition on the disk e. And in most cases - it is an important feature of the architecture of the computer, because the operating system and programs is usually set aside a separate section.Make it so that when you reinstall the operating system there is no loss of important documents and data.Fortunately, split your hard drive into sections is not so difficult.
you need
  • Internet access
  • administrator account
Download and install PowerQuest Partition Magic.Searching to select exactly the version that fits your operating system.Options may be so: Windows XP, Windows Vista / 7 x86 or Windows Vista / 7 x64.
How to split
Run.Select the hard drive , you want to share.Click the "Master" and go to item "Quickly create a partition".In the next window you will be asked to allocate a place visually on the future partition of
the hard drive well.It all depends on your needs.Remember that the new partitions will be created from free space on the existing sections.If you need to create large sections, the pre-clean your computer of unnecessary files.
After setting the future partition, select "Apply" and wait until the computer restarts.Depending on the power of your PC, and availability of space, create new partitions operation takes from 20 minutes to several hours.

Tip 2: How to split a hard disk into a Vista

Create additional partitions on your hard disk allows you to install multiple operating systems.In addition, the new section is created to separate system files from secondary resources.
How to split a hard disk in Vista
you need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - installation disk Windows Vista.
There are two main methods of creating new sections when using on Windows Vista.First used during the installation of the OS, and the second - after the procedure.If you are planning to install the system, use the first method.Insert the disc into the drive and run the installer Windows Vista.
Follow the step by step menu and wait for the list of connected hard drives and partitions.Left-click to highlight the hard drive, which should be divided into parts, and then click "Remove."Remember that all of the information from this hard drive will be erased.
Now click "Create" and set the new partition.Specify the type of file system and volume size.Similarly, create another one or more partitions.Choose one of them, which will be installed Vista, and then click "Next".
If you need to create a new section appeared after the installation, use the Partition Manager.Install it and restart your computer.This procedure is necessary to collect information about the used hard drives.Run Partition Manager.
Select the "Master" and go to "New Partition."Check the box next to "Mode for experienced users."Click "Next".Select the zone, which will be located in the new partition, and again click "Next".
Set the size of the new volume by moving the slider to the desired parameter.Check the box next to "Create a logical drive".Click "Next".
Choose from the available options of a new type of file system volumes.Specify the disk label, and then click "Next" and then - "Done."After returning to the main menu of the utility, click the "Apply the pending changes" and confirm the start of the process of dividing the disk.


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