initiates a restart by the main menu on the button "Start" select "Shut Down."In the resulting window, click the option "Reboot the computer".If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7, just select from the drop down list in the menu to reboot.
Wait for the discharge of Windows and start a new system startup.The screen will appear in succession manufacturer information, information about the settings, BIOS, memory chips on the audit, etc.After all the checks cleared, and the screen at the moment you need to have time to press the function key F8 on the top row of keys on the keypad.Depending on the version of the BIOS and bootload
er settings at the bottom of the display can present an invitation to press this button.In the operating system, you can change the boot protocol so that stop at this stage is mandatory and lasted specified time waiting keystroke.
Select one of the Safe Mode and the list of menu items.At this stage of boot you can not use a mouse, because its driver is not loaded.Scroll through the menu, use the arrow keys (up and down arrows).You can use the buttons and numeric keypad when enabled mode NUM LOCK.Vybor line "Safe Mode ยป will load the drivers only basic devices (keyboard, base video, mouse, monitor, disks) and basic system services.Using the network connections in this embodiment, limit the functionality of nevozmozhno.Chtoby will add to the core set of software drivers and network services select a different line in the menu - "Safe Mode with Networking" .If there is a need to disable the graphical interface of Windows, then selectmenu, select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt."
Press Enter after making your selection options Safe Mode well, and the download will continue in this mode you is, limit the functionality of the system.