Split systems are inverter - they compare favorably with those that have the power controller smoothly adjusts the intensity of cooling.Therefore, these models are more energy efficient and durable due to the smooth operation, but significantly more expensive.A more simple and affordable option - no inverter model.They either work or are switched off, no intermediate phases.
Another important criterion - the power of the air conditioner.On average, it is calculated as follows: 1 kW to 10 sq.m.However, we must also take into account many factors: the number of people present in the room, on which side of the light go out the window, what appliances in the room.Each of these factors seriously affect the calculation of power.In any case, before buying the air conditioner is recom
mended to consult with a counselor, since the error in any direction desired.Too weak split system simply can not cope with cooling the room and too powerful and will cause a draft too often turned on and off, which is clearly not benefit fans and compressors.
impact on your comfort noise.That is why the outdoor unit with a compressor mounted outside.Provided that it is not defective and is properly installed, it was not heard in a closed room (during the operation of the air conditioner is recommended to close the windows to keep the room cool).But in any case, it is necessary to try to choose a model with the lowest noise parameters to avoid any problems with neighbors.The indoor unit is much quieter than the outside, and most models have a function "peaceful sleep", so choose split system , that will not bother you quite easily.
dealt with the basic parameters, you should pay attention to the additional features.Modern wall-mounted room air conditioners are equipped with a variety of additional features, such as: heating, dehumidification, purge mode;It may be incorporated various filters and ionizers.So, to determine the main points of the previous, it is easy to find the model that fully meets your needs.