If you need to create a anchor page, to edit you can use online page editor management system, your first log in to the admin area of ​​the system and go to the editor.Download the correct page, locate and select the word or phrase that you want to make an active link.
found among the key editor, which is responsible for the insertion of links - it usually shows several chain links and pops up when you hover over the words "Insert Link" or Insert Hyperlink.Press this button and the additional window will appear where you need to specify the address of a page or site which shall indicate the anchor.In addition to
this basic parameter there can be no field to select the target window (target) - it is necessary to specify exactly how the browser should load a new page.Options can be four, but practical interest is only one _blank - if you select it, the page will open in a new window.If not specified, the default page will be opened in the same window.Click the "Insert Link" (or Insert Link) and the anchor will be created.Then save the edited page.
If the visual editor is not where you want to create an anchor, you can use a self-service that provides the ability to poredaktirovat text in visual mode.One of them is available at to this page, select all the text in the window editor, and then delete, to clean it.Then, enter your text (you can copy the text editor and paste), and follow the procedure of creating the anchor described in the previous step.Then click Code at the bottom of the visual editor, select and copy the entire text, including HTML-tags.All paste the copied page of your site and save.